It was James Brown who once wrote; “It’s a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a women”. Our Women’s specific collections has been an integral part of 3CS since 2008. Going above and beyond just developing specific styles and cuts, we’ve developed features and furthermore collections which accentuate the styles of Snowboarding’s female fraternity. 3CS is entirely committed to developing outerwear built for Shred Betties.

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W-ESSENTIALS: Breathe in the mountain air, take the time to enjoy the ride. This is the Essentials; Fashion, form and above all functionality. The Essentials keeps all that is important in focus. 

THE PHOENIX COLLECTION: Forged on the ideals ideals of freedom, self discovery and a burning desire to ride, The Phoenix Collection encapsulates the liberated spirit than bonds those righteous women who ride. This is our fashion-forward, premium offering of womens specific outerwear.



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Snowboarders come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life with all types of different tastes and requirements. Our offering of Women’s specific outerwear is crafted to reflect and celebrate this diversity.

We go above and beyond just developing relevant colour-ways and eye catching prints and get into the nitty and gritty side of engineering our garments for the female form.

With the same attention to fit and sizing as our men’s collection, we offer three types of jacket lengths and three different types of pant fits that are sure to accommodate and accentuate the style you choose. 


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They say the devils in the detail, but there’s nothing sinister about any of our outerwear. We’ve been building outerwear for nearly 15 years and our experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t ensures you don’t have any nasty surprises when you’re out in the elements.

From of proven powder skirts that actually work and keep snow away from your inners to our fumble-free hood cinches and heavy duty zippers than require as little effort to zip-up as they do to zip-down. Because who needs to put up a fight with catchy seems and stubborn zippers when their trying to make an impression at the bar.

Either way, whether its cutely curated details like woven patches or brass buttons or our forward print fabrics and lining – each detail of every garment is thoughtfully thought-out and built to function and keep you cool. Cool looking, we mean because we also offer a greater selection of insulated jackets to our female fraternity. 


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Now Girl, let's ride!